Ethanol in lawn mower engines.

I was just doing a bit of research on gasoline containing 10% Ethanol. We
all need to be aware of certain precautions to properly manage our use of
Ethanol gasoline in lawn mower engines.

I will post a few items I found below.

[QUOTE]Can I use it in my lawn mower?
No, you’ll have to stop mowing the lawn every week. Only kidding, I thought
I saw a few people smile at that prospect. The answer is yes, you can use
the 10% ethanol blended fuels anywhere you use regular unleaded fuel. It can
be used in any lawn mower, snow plow, snowmobile, ATV and any other gas
powered engine. There may be some carburetor adjustment needed, so always
refer to your equipment’s owners manual before using it.[/QUOTE]

Also, from this website:
I found:

[QUOTE]One area that may warrant further investigation is piston ring
sticking. On test units with high hours of operation (i.e. 200 to 400 hrs.)
there was a greater incidence of piston ring sticking.

Additionally, this website:
some recommendations on managing E10 fuel use.

Most notably, the website states that E10 has greater water absorption
properties than non-alcohol fuel. Therefore, E10 can remove lubrication.
This has an effect of drying out hoses and rubber gaskets. 

I have spoken before of the importance of running fuel out of your lawn care
equipment before storing it for winter. E10 fuel has a much shorter shelf
life than pure gasoline. It is recommended to replace E10 fuel every 2 to 4
weeks with a maximum shelf life of 90 days. The 2 to 4 week replacement
window will certainly be a consideration before storing your equipment this
coming winter.