Raking Leaves as a Lawn Care Business

Making Money Raking Leaves this Autumn
Lawn Care Customers Pay for Raking Leaves
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As autumn approaches, many lawn care business owners shift attention away from grass cutting to focus on other lawn care related activities. In addtion to overseeding, fertilizing, and fall landscape planting, leaf raking is a prime money making activity.

Lawn care business owners who want to make money raking leaves this season need to recognize the amount of work it takes to properly perform a leaf raking job so they can carefully estimate their time and expense before giving a lawn care customer a quote on raking their leaves. Incorrect pricing for leaf cleanup is a problem for new lawn care business owners because they often underestimate the length of time necessary to perform leaf cleanup on an average sized lawn.

It is easy to be deceived by a small lawn with a few trees. A $45 lawn that takes 30 minutes to mow might take 2 hours to rake. However, if it is your first time raking leaves in that lawn you might not realize the work involved cleaning leaves of out landscaping beds and from corners of the house, under the deck, and around other obstructions in the yard.

So, if you are operating a lawn care company this year and want to make money raking leaves, re-evaluate pricing of your leaf raking services and carefully consider your estimates before you quote a low price.