Winter Lawn Care – Making Money during Wintertime

Now that winter is here, you are probably asking yourself how you are going to make money during December, January, and February.

Making money with your lawn care business during the winter months is a challenge.  If you follow a few strategies, it’s relatively easy to make money.

First, it’s good strategy to have a several basic services to offer your clients.  We have always found that our clients want their yard “spruced up” one last time before Christmas.  This has always kept us busy for most of December.  In fact, quite often we have to turn down requests for our lawn care business services on Christmas Eve.  I even remember one year having a customer offer triple pay for us to service their yard on Christmas morning.

The primary thing to remember is to build a strong client base and develop a profitable pricing strategy (AND STICK TO IT).  Don’t let yourself be under cut by customers wanting the cheapest lawn care company in town.  If you do good work and if you are able demonstrate strong business principles, you will be able to command a higher price and make more money year-round with your lawn care business.

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