About Us

Want to Start Your Own Lawn Care Business?

We are the developers of StartALawnCareBusiness.com

If you have ever wanted to start a lawn care business or if you are currently operating a lawn care business and you are just not making the money you know you should be making, we can help you.

Our business program materials guide you through the process of starting and expanding a successful lawn care business. 

We cover basic subjects such as:

Business Licenses

We also cover tougher subjects such as:

How to choose equipment
How to estimate lawns (how much to charge your customers)
Services to offer for 12 month contracts
How to actually DO the work (100’s of tips to make your life easier)
How to collect your money. Billing vs. Instant Payment.
How to bid on bigger contracts such as apartments and goverment jobs.

Then we throw in many bonus sections:

Equipment Reviews
Supplier Information
Taking on Employees
Buying an existing Lawn Care Business

There are many additional tools included:

Estimating Calculator Software
Letter Writing Toolkit
Video Tutorials

The total price of the lawn care business program is only: $49.95 plus S&H.

Order today from: www.StartALawnCareBusiness.com