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Bidding Lawn Care Mowing Contracts for 2011

Professional Lawn Stripes and StripingAre you ready to start bidding grass cutting contracts and lawn mowing jobs for this year’s mowing season?

One problem many new lawn care business owners face is the challenge of properly bidding their new lawn care customers and upcoming seasonal mowing contracts.

Pricing is a fine balancing act. It is understandable that new lawn care business owners mistakenly believe they have to undercut their competitors’ prices in order to attract customers. However, trying to be the lowest priced guy in town is a trap that doesn’t allow you to reach your full potential as a lawn care business owner.

Bidding lawn care contracts isn’t an exact science. However owners who take a methodical approach in their lawn care bids seem to do much better and make much more money than guys who simply try to undercut the other guy’s bid.

If you are starting a lawn care business (or looking to expand an existing business) and you are tired of “GUESSING” at your lawn care bids, it is time for you to learn some professional bidding techniques that might help you make way more money than you ever thought possible.

Take a look at the website below that shows you how to start and expand a lawn care business. The guidebooks include a great bidding tutorial and customer negotiation guide. The package also includes ESTIMATING SOFTWARE that will help you with all your lawn care bids.

The program can be found here:

Start A Lawn Care Business

Lawn Care Contracts for 2010

2010 is already one month old. Are you getting contracts for your lawn care business?

Mid to late winter is one of the most target rich environments for lawn care contracts. City governments are bidding grass cutting contracts, apartment complexes are taking competitive bids, and banks & office buildings are thinking about sprucing up their landscaping for spring. If you are not aggressively pursuing these contracts, you may be missing BIG profits and lots of money for your business.

We believe lawn care business owners should strive for a balance of commercial and residential customers. While you can successfully operate a business with 100% residential customers, commercial contracts are needed to bring in additional money and add stability over the course of a year. You need both kinds of customers.

If you are not successfully bidding lawn care contracts this year, you need to purchase the START A LAWN CARE BUSINESS guidebook and video training series by

This guidebook package has a huge chapter telling you how to find, estimate, and successfully bid lawn care contracts. If your business is new or if you just want to make more money in 2010, get this guidebook. It may be the best purchase you have ever made for your lawn care business.

Start A Lawn Care

Start A Lawn Care Business in 2010

2010 is shaping up to be a great year to start a lawn care business.

The economy is still in a challenging position, foreclosures are still high, and unemployment is still in record territory. Despite gloomy headlines everyday in the newspaper, things seem to be greening up for a good start to the year.

In our part of the country, the housing market is really beginning to move. We spoke with a real-estate agent recently who told us that their inventory of houses is beginning to decrease as buyers step into the market.

Curb appeal is a buyer’s first impression of a property. If the lawn is cut and the landscaping is maintained, the buyer is more apt to consider making an offer. Lawn care is a much needed expenditure for real-estate offices on their vacant homes. In many cases, a neatly mown lawn makes the sale.

If you are thinking about starting your own lawn care business, right now is a great time to get started. You can take advantage of all the landscaping contracts that are being bid right now for 2010.

Learn how-to start your own lawn care company and bid landscaping and mowing contracts with the Start A Lawn Care Business Package.

Lawn Care at the Whitehouse, Washington D.C.

Do you have some good lawn care contracts that you are proud of and that you would like the world to see?  If you are good at your work and you devote yourself to professionalism you can build a strong base of professional lawn care accounts.

Start A Lawn Care Business staff members visit Washington D.C.

The staff of  “StartALawnCareBusiness” took a recent trip to Washington D.C.  We were there on a fact finding mission to better understand how lawns are maintained in dense urban areas.

Lawns in our area of the country often average 3/4  acre of grass coverage for a typical home in a subdivision type community.  Dense urban landscaping is on a much smaller scale.  Lawn Care Companies must learn how to manage the maintenance of such small areas.

Look for upcoming blogs about how to maintain small urban landscape areas.

This blog posting is about a much larger landscaping job.

How About This for a Lawn Care Contract?

While we were in Washington D.C. we took time to visit many historic sites.  The Whitehouse is one of those sites that is a must see while visiting D.C.  We were lucky enough to witness a lawn care crew working landscaping equipment on the South Lawn.

Lawn Care at the Whitehouse South Lawn
Lawn Care at the Whitehouse South Lawn

There are a couple subjects of note.

1) Look a little to the right of the upper middle section of this picture.  Can you see the blue tractor with a front end loader?  Can you imagine the security clearance of the lawn care company working the South Lawn?  If you think getting your insurance and bonding your employees is a hassle just be in these guy’s shoes.

2)  The striping pattern on the South Lawn is beautifully managed.  The perfect lines are to be admired.

If you have ever wanted to operate your own lawn care business, you can learn practically everything you need to know with our lawn care business package.  Visit our website

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