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Mowing height: proper length of lawn grass.

Proper mowing height for lawn grasses.

“Just cut it as short as you can.”

I am sure you have heard this statement from your lawn care customers.  Customers (especially the cheap ones) think that cutting the grass super short will lengthen the time between grass mowing services.

Well, in a manner of speaking, they are correct.  If you continually mow lawn grass too short there eventually won’t be any lawn grass left.   Weed grasses will take over the lawn.  Instead of mowing it as short as possible it is better to follow suggested mowing heights.

Suggested mowing heights for some of the most popular lawn grasses are:

Turf Species

Mowing Height (in inches)

fine-leaf fescues

2 to 3

tall fescue

2 to 3

perennial ryegrass

2 to 3

Kentucky bluegrass

2 to 3

creeping bentgrass

1/4 to 3/4


1 to 1.5


2 to 3

When you are cutting grass you should also remember the rule of 1/3.  This rule states that you should only cut 1/3 the length of the blad of grass at each cutting.  Therefore, if a lawn has tall fescue that needs to be cut after it has reached 4 inches, you should not cut it any lower than to 2.67 inches.  (4 – (4 * 1/3) = 2.67

Type of grass, health of the grass, soil consistancy and nutrient level, and amount of water the grass is able to absorb are all factors in how often and how tall the grass needs to be cut.  Following these simple guidelines will help you determine how often to cut your lawn care customers lawn and how much to cut off at each service.

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