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Bigger lawn care equipment = less money?

Today’s blog post comes from a question we had from a recent purchaser of our Lawn Care Business program.  The writer asks:

I purchased all new equipment this season.  My bigger commercial lawn mower allows me to cut my customer’s grass in less than 1/2 the time it took me last year.  A couple of my mowing customers think I should charge less money since their lawns take less time to cut.  Should I charge less money or the same amount?

Your lawn care customers are playing games with you in hopes you will lower your price to save them money.  This is one danger of pricing your work by the hour. 

You bought your new lawn equipment to become more efficient in your lawn care business.  Better equipment means more square feet cut per minute.  New equipment costs more money and those costs have to be passed along to your customers.  Luckily for your customers, you are also passing along times savings and a more professionally cut lawn.  Ideally, additional cost of your new lawn mower should  be balanced by your time savings.  Therefore, the cost of mowing their lawn will not change as long as it was priced fairly to begin with.

You buy new lawn care equipment so you can make more money.  You make more money by being able to cut more lawns per day with your new equipment.

Remember, the lawn care business package contains a large pricing guidebook that tells you how much money to charge for the lawn care services you offer.  The package is available from our home page.