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Winter Lawn Care – Making Money during Wintertime

Now that winter is here, you are probably asking yourself how you are going to make money during December, January, and February.

Making money with your lawn care business during the winter months is a challenge.  If you follow a few strategies, it’s relatively easy to make money.

First, it’s good strategy to have a several basic services to offer your clients.  We have always found that our clients want their yard “spruced up” one last time before Christmas.  This has always kept us busy for most of December.  In fact, quite often we have to turn down requests for our lawn care business services on Christmas Eve.  I even remember one year having a customer offer triple pay for us to service their yard on Christmas morning.

The primary thing to remember is to build a strong client base and develop a profitable pricing strategy (AND STICK TO IT).  Don’t let yourself be under cut by customers wanting the cheapest lawn care company in town.  If you do good work and if you are able demonstrate strong business principles, you will be able to command a higher price and make more money year-round with your lawn care business.

If you’re not making great money this winter with your lawn care business, you need to purchase the Lawn Care Business Guide Book and Estimating Software.  We cover what you need to know to make money (good money) with your lawn care business through the entire winter season.

This professionally developed Lawn Care Business training package, manuals, and software will teach you everything you need to know to operate a successful and profitable lawn care business.

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Lawn Care Contracts – How to Bid and How Much Money To Charge

Lawn Care Contracts - How to bid and submit prices
Lawn Care Contracts - How to submit bids - How much money to charge.
Learn how to properly estimate your lawn care contracts with this lawn care business guidebook and estimating software: http://www.StartALawnCareBusiness.com

Well, here we are in 2012.

It is difficult to believe that another lawn care mowing season is just around the corner. As winter grows old and spring approaches, many landowners, apartment building maintenance companies, banks, industrial complexes, government agencies, etc will begin letting out bids for lawn care and landscaping services.

If you are new to the lawn care industry (or even if you’re not new) bidding on large lawn care contracts is a scary proposition. There are MANY questions any lawn care company will need to ask about the contract. Too many lawn care companies GUESS at their prices and often they lose money by bidding too low.

Approaching a lawn care contract from a standpoint of well informed knowledge and proper calculations is the only way to assure yourself you are giving a proper price for the lawn care work and, if your bid is accepted, you will be able to successfully complete the contract and be profitable through the course of the lawn care work.

If you own a lawn care company or are thinking of starting a lawn care business, the Start A Lawn Care Business training package is packed with information and business tools to help you learn how to calculate prices and submit bids on lawn care contracts. The training package (including estimating software) is on sale right now for less than $50 and will be a great help to your lawn care business.

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Your Lawn Care Business – Making money in December

Make Money With a Lawn Care Business

Lawn Care Business - Making Money in December
Lawn Care Business - Making Money in December
Lawn Care Business Owners are often faced with the problem of making money during the winter months. As lawn grasses enter dormancy during the cold months, steady income has a tendency to thin until warmer weather spurs spring greening.

Although “steady” income might subside, potential income remains as high as ever during December.

In fact, lawn care companies that aggressively market their off-season services often find themselves making more money in December than they make during some of the warmer grass cutting months. Though leaf raking and gutter cleaning are standard late season lawn care money makers, December is RIPE with other non-traditional jobs that lawn care companies are primed for.

We are seeing ever increasing numbers of customers willing to pay to have their outdoor Christmas decorations professionally installed. Lawn care companies with the ability to hang lights & wreaths, install outdoor spot lights, right Christmas trees, and then remove all these decorations after the holidays are finding themselves with tremendous potential income during December.

Christmas decoration installation is not the only off-season money making job that lawn care businesses can perform to make additional income during the winter months. The “Start A Lawn Care Business” guidebook and computer estimating software details many other lawn care jobs that a lawn care company can offer their customers.

To learn more about how to make money during the winter months, visit the website below and consider purchasing their low-priced lawn care business guidebook.

Leaf Raking – Increase your Lawn Care Business

Rake Leaves. Make more money with your lawn care business.
Leaf Raking Business - Money Fore your Lawn Care Business
As a lawn care business owner, always help your customers (and potential customers) understand why they NEED your services. We came across a leaf raking situation where a business owner desperately needed leaf raking services to avoid costly damage to his store front.

Leaves from his trees fell onto his grounds and onto the roadway. A heavy rain washed his leaves onto a storm drain grate. As the leaves clogged the grate water flooded onto his property potentially flooding his store front.

As a preventative measure, the store owner should have hired a leaf raking company to collect leaves throughout the autumn season. Since he did not maintain his leaves he risked an emergency situation where the leaves needed to be collected from his property immediately.

As you drive around your town looking for lawn care customers. Take opportunities to point out problems to potential customers. Homeowners and business owners are very aware of the need to fend off problems before they begin and if you take a few minutes to help them understand their NEED for your lawn care services, you will attract more customers and quickly build your lawn care business customer list.

If you are starting your lawn care business this year, we have developed a comprehensive lawn care business training course that will help you start and build your lawn care business. Learn more on the website below:

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Starting a lawn care business in June 2011

June makes the grass grow like crazy
High June grass needs to be cut right now.
April and May have passed us by and June is here making the grass grow like crazy. Do you have your lawn care business successfully off the ground and do you already have more customers than you can handle? Or, are you struggling to get your business running smoothly? Mid-season is a fine time to evaluate where you are headed with your business.

June presents many fine opportunities for lawn care companies looking to expand their businesses and make great money for the rest of the summer.

There are two prime customer groups to target during June and July:

1) The D-I-Yers (Do It Yourselfers) who are so sick and tired of mowing their own grass that they are ready to hire someone for the rest of the season. These DIYers started out the season with great intentions. They were going to mow their grass every week, weed their flowerbeds on schedule, and prune their shrubs when shaping was needed. Unfortunately (for them) their work schedules have been more hectic than normal and their lawn mowers quit working the second week of May. Additionally, they are just now realizing how difficult (and hot) lawn care work can be.

2) The “My Other Guy Quit” Customers whose previous lawn care companies have quit unexpectedly leaving them with tall grassy lawns. Unfortunately, many people start lawn care businesses in early March and quit by early June because they cannot handle the heat or the work load. Desperate for dependable lawn and landscaping companies, these customers are often willing to pay a little more money to lawn care business owners who pride themselves on professional and dependable service.

The main point here is that if you are thinking about starting a lawn care business or if you have already started your lawn care business and you are not making as much money as you think you should be making, there is ample opportunity to get new customers and build a fresh customer list of people who are willing to pay good money for dependable and professional lawn care services.

To learn great methods of starting and building a successful lawn care business, visit the “Start A Lawn Care Business” website. There is GREAT business training course available to teach you how to begin your business and attract the right kind of customers who are willing to pay good money for your lawn care services. There is also lawn care estimating software available to help you learn how much money to charge for your lawn care work.

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Start A Successful Lawn Care Business – April 2011

Start A Lawn Care Business

Lawn Care Estimating - Make Money
Start A Lawn Care Business - April 2011

The winter months have completely slipped away now that April 2011 is here.  The clouds are finally thinning and we are getting more sunny days than cloudy rainy days.

If you have noticed this change in the weather, homeowners and business owners with lawns have noticed it too.  In fact, they have probably noticed it so much that they are already looking to hire someone to maintain their grass and landscaping for the upcoming summer season.

If you have ever thought about starting a lawn care business (or if you already own a lawn care business and want to earn more money this year) then right now is a perfect time of the year to ramp up your advertising and start attracting new lawn care customers.

People are very willing to spend good money right now hiring you to perform general spring-cleanup lawn maintenance jobs.  Picking up fallen sticks, cutting high grass, fertilizing & aerating, and basic flower bed maintenance are just a few of the lawn care jobs you can expect to be in high demand this year.

The Problem

Do you have a difficult time determining how much money to charge your customers?  This is a common problem.  You don’t want to lose the work so you lower your price on a lawn care cleanup estimate.  The customer readily accepts your quote and before long you realize you underbid the job and you are working all day for not much money.  If you had only known a better way to estimate, you could have made much more money and the customer still would have been happy.

The Solution

If you are having troubles with your lawn care estimating, we invite you to look at the website below.  It offers a comprehensive lawn care business training package that will teach you how to start (and operate) a successful lawn care and landscaping business.  In addition to a huge selection of lawn care business manuals and a lawn care business training toolkit, it also offers a very handy series of Lawn Care Estimating software that will greatly help you learn how to give estimates and make more money.

The entire lawn care business package is sold for $45 (probably less than you will make on one lawn) and is shipped directly to your door.

Visit the site at:

Start A Lawn Care Business

Springtime Lawn Care Cleanup

We have survived another winter.

If you own a lawn care company, winter is sometimes tough to get through. If you live in a northern state you can offer snow removal services. If you live in Florida lawns need constant care. However, unless you are able to make money during the winter months, you are probably in desperate need of immediate cash flow.

Whether you are just starting your lawn care business or you are hoping to increase your business and make more money in 2011 than you did last year right now (springtime) is the time to start acquiring customers and bidding on contracts for the upcoming lawn care season. Customers are ready to get their lawns cleaned up. Starting your business RIGHT NOW will give you a jump on the competition.

One of the problems we see with new lawn care business owners is that they do not know how to price their services. Sometimes, new guys think the only way to gain customers is by charging less money than their competitors. Undercutting the competition might seem like a good way to get customers but it is also a good way to put your lawn care company in jeopardy.

Estimating lawn care prices is a skill that doesn’t come easy for many lawn care business owners. If you find yourself underbidding and losing money on too many of your lawn care jobs, watch this quick video and consider purchasing the lawn care business program from “Start A Lawn Care Business” The program is jam-packed with information and business tools to help you start (and expand) your successful lawn care business.

Lawn Care Workers Should Drink Lots of Fluids (Water)

Place water high on your Lawn Care Business’ safety checklist.

Safety Goggles?   Check
Hearing Protection?  Check
Work Boots?  Check
Sun Screen?  Check

This safety list for lawn care professionals is far from complete but before we go much further we must be sure to place a very important, yet often overlooked, item close to the top.  Water.

Water.  How much is enough to drink?

If you perform lawn care and landscping work outside during hot months you must monitor your water intake constantly through the day.  According to a CDC report*, consumption of approximately one pint of water every 15 to 20 minutes is suggested for most people at risk of heat strain. Dehydration can be insidious and thirst or lack of thirst is not a clear indicator if you are dehydrated or not.  Dehydration can affect the body cummulatively over a period of days therefore if you have not properly maintained your fluid intake during your workday you must catch up before resuming work.  A body weight ratio may help you understand how much water loss occured during your work day.  Again, according to the CDC report, body weightloss during a workday should not exceed 1.5%.  Rehydration should be complete before the next day’s work.

Keep your pee clear.

Another method of monitoring your hydration level is keeping check on your urine.  Urine should be clear, not dark.  If you pee a color approaching that of a school bus you must curtail your work load and properly hydrate yourself.

The CDC discusses hydration in the Lawn Care Business.

Think about what the CDC say the proper hydration rate should be for those at risk of heat strain.  One pint every 15 to 20 minutes.  One pint per 15 minutes equates to 4 pints per hour.  That equals 3 gallons of fluid intake during a 6 hour workday.  This is only a recommendation and your particular need for fluid intake relies on many variables such as personal fitness, general health, outdoor temperature, and level of physical activity required in your work.  You must also monitor electrolyte levels.  People who drink too much water can dilute sodium in their bodies and are at risk of an effect called Water Intoxication.

Water consumption in our lawn care business.

A personal habit we adopted many years ago in our lawn care business was to carry two jugs per person with us each workday.  One jug is filled with water and placed into the freezer the night before.  As the ice melts during the workday we continuously drink from that jug.  The water is always nice and cool and melts about as fast as we can drink it.  The second jug contains a mixture of water and gatorade.  We drink as necessary during the day to maintain proper hydration and electrolyte levels.

Operate a lawn care business?  See your Doctor.

In addition to these suggestions, it is highly advisable that you monitor your health properly.  See a phyician as needed.  Alert your Dr. to your type of employment and have him keep track of your health history with your work in mind.

* http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/FACE/stateface/mi/02mi075.html

Atlantic Hurricane Names for 2009

Most lawn care business owners keep a keen eye on the weather.  It behooves us all to know a minimum of a five day forecast.  Knowing the upcoming weather helps with scheduled mowing and landscape jobs.  It also allows better planting and fertilizing schedules.

If you are keen on the weather, you may also be interested in the Atlantic hurricane season.  A huge swath of our country is affected each year by hurricanes and their related weather systems.

We think a neat marketing idea for 2009 would be to develop advertising campaigns around 2009’s Hurricanes’ names.  We’ll list the names below so you can get a jump start coming up with ideas.

If you own your own lawn care business or you want to start a lawn care business, the ( www.StartALawnCareBusiness.com ) lawn care business program is packed with information, business tools, estimating calculator software, and lawn care business training videos.  The complete program is on sale right now at: www.StartALawnCareBusiness.com

Now, onto the Hurricane Names for 2009

Good luck with your lawn care business.  Let us know of your marketing campaigns around Hurricane names.

Life of a Lawn Care Newbie.

by: LawnCareBusiness.net

Life of a Lawn Care Newbie

You only started your landscaping business two months ago.  You are advertising aggressively with flyers and newspaper classifieds.  You already have a full roster of lawn care clients but you don’t seem to be making enough money to justify all the hours you are working.

What’s wrong with this picture?

If you are anything like many of the new lawn care companies we give business consulting advice to, you are suffering from the common mistakes many business owners make.

In the early days of your business you are excited and full of energy.  You give estimates to every potential lead that comes your way; grass cutting, shrub trimming, landscape planting, all types of yard work.  No job is too big and no job is too small for your new business.  Since you are new you think you need to lowball your estimates to get customers.  Afterall, if the other guy can do a job for $45 surely you can do if for $40…or $35…or even $30 .  You think it’s okay to underbid and overpromise.

Sure enough, all your prospects accept your lowball prices and suddenly you have more clients than you know what to do with.  That’s what you wanted, right?  And the money is rolling in…kinda.

Word of your great work and your low prices gets around to neighbors of your customers.  They want estimates too.  One neighbor wants grass seed planted and his lawn aerated.  Another wants fertilizer treatment and the grass cut.  Still another neighbor wants her leaves raked and hauled away.

With all these new lawn care customers you attempt to raise your prices.  You give higher estimates to your new lawn care customers:  “That will be $45 Mrs. Smith.”   You can guess what her answer is:  “But you only charge my neighbor $30 for the same work.”  Ugh, word is out…you’re a lowballer.


Check back tomorrow for part 2 of Life of a Lawn Care Newbie


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Remember to check back tomorrow for part 2 of Life of a Lawn Care Newbie.