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Lawn Care at the Whitehouse, Washington D.C.

Do you have some good lawn care contracts that you are proud of and that you would like the world to see?  If you are good at your work and you devote yourself to professionalism you can build a strong base of professional lawn care accounts.

Start A Lawn Care Business staff members visit Washington D.C.

The staff of  “StartALawnCareBusiness” took a recent trip to Washington D.C.  We were there on a fact finding mission to better understand how lawns are maintained in dense urban areas.

Lawns in our area of the country often average 3/4  acre of grass coverage for a typical home in a subdivision type community.  Dense urban landscaping is on a much smaller scale.  Lawn Care Companies must learn how to manage the maintenance of such small areas.

Look for upcoming blogs about how to maintain small urban landscape areas.

This blog posting is about a much larger landscaping job.

How About This for a Lawn Care Contract?

While we were in Washington D.C. we took time to visit many historic sites.  The Whitehouse is one of those sites that is a must see while visiting D.C.  We were lucky enough to witness a lawn care crew working landscaping equipment on the South Lawn.

Lawn Care at the Whitehouse South Lawn
Lawn Care at the Whitehouse South Lawn

There are a couple subjects of note.

1) Look a little to the right of the upper middle section of this picture.  Can you see the blue tractor with a front end loader?  Can you imagine the security clearance of the lawn care company working the South Lawn?  If you think getting your insurance and bonding your employees is a hassle just be in these guy’s shoes.

2)  The striping pattern on the South Lawn is beautifully managed.  The perfect lines are to be admired.

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